We often make a mistake in thinking that maintaining the beauty of our body requires excessive effort, incompatible with working hours and other daily tasks, as well as a huge expense for the purchase of products or to resort to beauty treatments.

In reality, although the latter are useful and facilitate the cause, they are not always necessary, and Vocea Europei confirms this in his column: Sfaturi de Frumusete.

The correct lifestyle plays an extremely important role for everyone, older men and women but also boys and girls, for the preservation of a beautiful and healthy appearance given by the well-being of the organism and, to maintain it, all one needs to do is respect the right habits on a daily basis, including, in addition to regular physical activity, without a doubt, hydrating your body, eating and sleeping well.

Drink lots of water

One of the easiest beauty tips to follow, which does not require time, money or energy, is certainly to drink natural water.

The human body is composed mostly of water, rich in mineral salts and trace elements which contribute to the perfect functioning of the whole organism in general and, in particular, thanks to the hydrating action, they help the skin to remain elastic and luminous and they avoid women’s number one enemy: water retention. For a young and fresh appearance, therefore, it is necessary to drink lots of water; the right amount is at least 1.5-2 liters per day, even more if you are in circumstances that cause fluid loss.

The distribution of water in everyday life is fundamental; It is advisable to always have your own bottle in order to regulate consumption evenly throughout the day. For example, drinking in the morning as soon as you wake up is very useful to purify the body, activating the kidneys and the consequent elimination of toxins.

Therefore, to combat skin aging by eliminating the signs of tiredness, all you need to do is drink the right amount of water; If desired, by adding fruit or vegetables you can also create numerous variations of detox waters, with different beneficial properties based on the ingredients chosen.

Have a healthy diet

Nutrition plays a fundamental role in everyone’s life. Following a balanced diet is beneficial not only to your health, but also to your physical appearance.

Today the habit of a quick meal is increasingly frequent, be it a slice of pizza or a sandwich, a ready-made food purchased at the supermarket or a short stop in one of the numerous fast-food restaurants and this habit, if repeated several times certainly doesn’t help.

Beauty therefore comes from a correct, varied, balanced diet, with the intake of carbohydrates, proteins, fruit and vegetables which contribute to the physical and psychological well-being of the entire organism.

Therefore, it is not simply an aesthetic factor; Having said that, the advice for those who experience problems related to nutrition is to contact a specialist in the sector to achieve the desired result.

Sleep well

The tendency to underestimate the importance of sleep is quite frequent, believing that a few hours are enough to face the day, but this is not the case; on the contrary, sleeping well is another of the main beauty tips which, if observed, produces notable advantages.

It is very important to try to sleep, on average, at least eight hours a night, which is the time needed to allow the body to regenerate.

In fact, sleeping repairs the collagen in the skin which becomes brighter and more compact and in the morning, looking in the mirror, the face appears fresh and rested.

Furthermore, it would be advisable to anticipate the moment of sleep and wake up earlier than the established time, in order to be able to do everything calmly and have the right time, for example, for a healthy and abundant breakfast, activities such as stretching or yoga and a regenerating shower.

Beauty tips for a perfect face

Among the beauty tips, facial care cannot be missing, the business card of each of us.

There are natural remedies, including DIY ones, to have a face that always looks young, fresh and relaxed.

First of all, a simple daily beauty routine is essential: correct cleansing of the face, frequent hydration using the creams best suited to your skin type and a cocoa butter to soften the lips are enough.

Periodically, it is advisable to follow the so-called grandmother’s advice, which always remains the most useful and economical, such as, for example, the classic cucumbers on the eyes for dark circles or masks based on natural ingredients such as honey, sugar or lemon.

Finally, women must pay particular attention to their make-up, both in the choice of make-up so as not to weigh down the skin, and in the correct steps to follow to prepare the skin before applying them and, afterwards, to remove them.